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2018-11-15propagate upstream updateXZS
Apart from visual improvements, this update brings compatibility with the latest shell versions.
2018-07-18propagate upstream updateXZS
The track time can now be shown in the panel.
2017-10-29propagate upstream updateXZS
Minor bugs were fixed.
2017-10-29remove erroneous tagXZS
Version 3.4 was accidentally tagged with a comma, which the pkgver function may pick up while querying the history for a version number. The comma could introduce complications to version complication, leading to unnoticed updates in the future. Removing the tag ensures proper versioning. The package contents are unchanged by this, so the pkgrel remains constant.
2017-10-29change directoryXZS
This eases running more commands to come from there.
2017-10-29propagate upstream updateXZS
The status icon gained more configuration options. Warnings in gnome-shell 3.26 were removed.
2017-09-28propagate upstream updateXZS
The new shell version 3.26 is now supported.
2017-09-28propagate upstream updateXZS
There now is a new dedicated icon, an about dialog and the round buttons can be enabled again.
2017-09-28locally install and compile schemaXZS
An intermediary commit removed the ability to find the schema when it is installed in the global location /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas. Now, only a schema subdirectory in the extension root is examined. This may be an overeager side effect: The respective commit comment talks about fixing translations instead, which continue to be loaded from the global location /usr/share/locale. Nonetheless, the schema has to be installed and compiled inside the extension directory now, which is what the install directives normally do. Only the post-installations script now has to be patched to compile the installed schema despite a DESTDIR set to $pkgdir.
2017-09-28propagate upstream updateXZS
Mostly internal changes fix a major release.
2017-09-28propagate upstream updateXZS
The build directives were streamlined.
2017-09-28propagate upstream updateXZS
Tweaks for more players were added.
2017-09-28add Mantas Mikulėnas as a contributorXZS
He was so humble not to add himself, but significantly aided the transition of the mediaplayer extension to its new build system meson.
2017-09-28update upstream URLMantas Mikulėnas
Seemingly, the maintainer of the extension has changed, the old URL redirects to JasonLG1979's repository. So it can be immediately used. As both URLs point to the same data, this change does not modify the package contents. So the pkgrel count is not incremented.
2017-09-28relax dependencyMantas Mikulėnas
For MPD to speak MPRIS, just the general mpdris software is needed, not a specifically new version from Git, so the dependency can be relaxed. According to the Arch Linux VCS package guidelines [1] it can be expected that the mpdris2-git package provides mpdris2, thus keeping all package relations intact. [1]:
2017-09-28remove unnecessary build stepXZS
Ninja itself reports "Nothing to do" for its build step, so it can be left out. As this change does not modify the package contents, it refrains from incrementing the pkgrel count.
2017-09-28patch schema locationXZS
Instead of moving the schema to the correct location after installation, the installation directives can be patched to place it there to begin with. As this change does not modify the package contents, but just how they come to be, it refrains from incrementing the pkgrel count.
2017-09-28propagate upstream updateMantas Mikulėnas
The project now builds using meson. This not only means a new build and install pipeline, but also necessitates moving the schema to the correct place as the install script has user-local installation in mind.
2017-09-28propagate upstream updateXZS
Shuffle and repeat can now be controlled via the extension. Styling was unified for all shell versions, bringing the look in line.
2017-09-28propagate upstream updateXZS
The stop button can now be enabled again. Also, player compatibility improved, Bugs were fixed and log messages removed.
2017-09-28propagate upstream updateXZS
Player compatibility improved. Bugs were fixed.
2017-09-28propagate upstream updateXZS
Animations were fixed and improved.
2017-09-28propagate upstream updateXZS
Apart from bug fixes, animations were reworked.
2017-09-28propagate upstream updateXZS
Minor fixups and efficiency improvements, somehow not only increased the minor version number, but also made the version number components shift to the left.
2017-09-28propagate upstream updateXZS
Code was cleaned up, communication was made more efficient.
2017-09-28propagate upstream updateXZS
Regressions were fixed.
2017-09-28propagate upstream updateXZS
Code and settings were cleaned up.
2017-09-28propagate upstream updateXZS
Code was cleaned up, the interface was tweaked.
2017-09-28propagate upstream updateXZS
Along bug fixes, visual improvements were made.
2017-09-28propagate upstream updateXZS
Code was cleaned up. Bugs were fixed.
2017-09-28propagate upstream updateXZS
Code was cleaned up.
2017-09-28propagate upstream updateXZS
Various visual improvements make up a patch release.
2017-09-28propagate upstream updateXZS
HiDPI support improved, the extension better adheres to shell themes and various players were adjusted for. In addition, efficiency was greatly improved by solely reacting to events instead of querying for changes.
2017-09-28change versioning schemeXZS
The project now tracks tagged releases, providing proper version numbers instead of plain revision counting.
2017-09-28propagate upstream updateXZS
Many internal cleanups were performed, slimming down the code base thus improving efficiency.
2017-09-28propagate upstream updateXZS
New options are available, the compatibility of some players was fixed along with visual improvements. Also, more warning messages were silenced, further cleaning up the log.
2017-05-12propagate log cleaningXZS
The JavaScript engine of gnome-shell 3.24 is more strict than previous versions, issuing more warning messages. Some recent commits clean up these and thus keep the log cleaner, aiding debugging.
2017-04-04propagate compatibility changesXZS
Compatibility with the upcoming gnome-shell version 3.24 was added. In turn, version 3.16 is no longer supported.
2017-03-11propagate upstream updateXZS
Some new features are worth shipping out, first and foremost the recent implementation of the track list interface. Besides that, the graphical interface was improved and overall efficiency increased.
2016-11-03propagate gnome-shell 3.22 compatibilityXZS
2016-09-22support arbitrary integrity checksXZS
The git-makepkg-templates switched to dynamic adaptation to integrity checks chosen in makepkg.conf. [1] The default checksums chosen reflect recommendations from the Arch Linux Wiki and manual pages. [2] [1]: [2]:
2016-04-22fix version comparisonXZS
Comparing the minor version to a string of minor and major will never succeed. Originally, a restriction on the current shell version was omitted for historical reasons - most packages did so when dependencies were defined manually. This now turns into a concious decision to - permit the usage of the extension in instable gnome-shell versions - the ones with odd minor version numbers - where incompatibilities are introduced gradually. - ease the transition from one stable gnome-shell version - the ones with even minor version numbers - to the next. In an ideal world, all extensions should have been updates before the update hits the repositories. But as Arch is quite more on the edge than developers of some of the extensions, this is not the case more often than not.
2016-04-04propagate upstream updateXZS
Song information is now properly cleared instead of remaining like they were before song change.
2016-04-04propagate gnome-shell 3.20 compatibilityXZS
2016-03-23end grep trickery, it has been bustedXZS
Unbelievably, also traditional tools like grep are regularly updated still today. Version 2.24 forbid the combination of some features with the -z option. This was exactly what was exploited here to make grep ignore newlines so they would not interrupt JSON dissection. More information about the change can be found at the bottom of the respective release notes. [1] Fixing it costs an invocation of tr to remove the bothersome newlines. Because the files are read within "find -exec" where input redirection is not readily possible, cat has to be invoked to start the pipeline. The grep script got only a tiny bit simpler by adhering to the new restriction and leaving newlines to tr. Thanks to AUR users jmauss, Asher256 and vinadoros for pointing to the critical line. [1]:
2016-03-23remove mksrcinfo headerXZS
This reverts "add mksrcinfo header". The .SRCINFO is now generated by "makepkg --printsrcinfo" which does no longer include any header since commit f63854f [1], released with pacman version 5.0.1. [1]:
2016-02-15propagate upstream updateXZS
A recent commit fixed display of the correct track position after seek. This is a good opportunity to push out the last few commits that mostly clear out bugs and update translations.
2016-02-07version provided non-git variantXZS
Other packages usually depend on the package without any -git suffix. This makes it possible to als satisfy these dependency requirements when they target specific versions or version ranges.
2015-12-06add mksrcinfo headerXZS
The new version of mksrcinfo released with the recent update to pkgbuild-introspection adds a header to all .SRCINFO files.
2015-09-24propagate gnome-shell 3.18 compatibilityXZS