AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-10-14Patch typo in meson optionsvinszent
2017-05-10Bump version to v0.4.1vinszent
2017-04-01Update source urlvinszent
2017-04-01Bump to version v0.4.0vinszent
2016-10-15Remove install fileIppytraxx
2016-10-15Bump version to v0.3.1Ippytraxx
2016-08-31Add libpeas and gobject-introspection as depsIppytraxx
2016-08-31Bump version to v0.3.0Ippytraxx
2016-08-07Update to v0.2.1Ippytraxx
2016-08-03Update GitHub url and patch meson build scriptIppytraxx
2016-07-14Add patch to fix meson gettextIppytraxx
2016-04-10Temporarily patch css to gtk+ 3.20Ippytraxx
2016-04-08Update checksumsIppytraxx
2016-04-08Update to 0.2.0Ippytraxx
2016-03-30meson is now meson.pyIppytraxx
2016-02-24Increment pkg release in SRCINFOIppytraxx
2016-02-24Increment pkg releaseIppytraxx
2016-02-24Update meson build commandsIppytraxx
2015-10-24Forgot to update srcinfo.Ippytraxx
2015-10-24Remove ugly plugins dep.Ippytraxx