AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-01-07Build missing tools that moved out of cmd/Sam Whited
2020-01-06Cleanup and minor Go build tweaksSam Whited
Previously building used some old flags and environment variables that can be simplified or are no longer necessary. This cleans those up and makes the build lines simpler.
2019-08-27Build PIESam Whited
2019-07-02Actually install new gopls.serviceSam Whited
2019-07-02Add gopls.service and use existing go.modSam Whited
2019-01-21Fix pkgver functionSam Whited
2019-01-21Fix pkgver to use correct date formatSam Whited
2019-01-10Add more tools and a service file for godocSam Whited
2016-09-08remove godocEgor Kovetskiy
2016-09-08srcinfo updatgedEgor Kovetskiy
2016-09-08add conflictsEgor Kovetskiy
2016-09-08add conflictsEgor Kovetskiy
2016-09-08initial commitEgor Kovetskiy