AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
4 daysfeat(google-cloud-sdk): new upstream release: 311.0.0Benjamin Denhartog
11 daysfeat(google-cloud-sdk): new upstream release: 310.0.0Benjamin Denhartog
2020-09-09feat(google-cloud-sdk): new upstream release: 309.0.0Benjamin Denhartog
2020-09-03feat(google-cloud-sdk): new upstream release: 308.0.0Benjamin Denhartog
2020-08-26feat(google-cloud-sdk): new upstream release: 307.0.0Benjamin Denhartog
2020-08-18feat(google-cloud-sdk): new upstream release: 306.0.0Benjamin Denhartog
2020-08-11feat(google-cloud-sdk): new upstream release: 305.0.0Benjamin Denhartog
2020-08-04feaet(google-cloud-sdk): new upstream release: 304.0.0Benjamin Denhartog
2020-07-28feat(google-cloud-sdk): new upstream release: 303.0.0Benjamin Denhartog
2020-07-22feat(google-cloud-sdk): new upstream release: 302.0.0Benjamin Denhartog
2020-07-22feat(google-cloud-sdk): new upstream release: 301.0.0Benjamin Denhartog
2020-07-08feat(google-cloud-sdk): new upstream release: 300.0.0Benjamin Denhartog
2020-07-01feat(google-cloud-sdk): new upstream release: 299.0.0Benjamin Denhartog
2020-06-23feat(google-cloud-sdk): new upstream release: 298.0.0Benjamin Denhartog
2020-06-18feat(google-cloud-sdk): new upstream release: 297.0.1Benjamin Denhartog
2020-06-16feat(google-cloud-sdk): new upstream release: 297.0.0Benjamin Denhartog
2020-06-10feat(google-cloud-sdk): new upstream release: 296.0.1Benjamin Denhartog
2020-06-09feat(google-cloud-sdk): new upstream release: 296.0.0Benjamin Denhartog
2020-06-03feat(google-cloud-sdk): new upstream release: 295.0.0Benjamin Denhartog
2020-05-28feat(google-cloud-sdk): new upstream release: 294.0.0Benjamin Denhartog
2020-05-22feat(google-cloud-sdk): new upstream release: Denhartog
2020-05-17Remove explicit version dependency for cloud sdk components.Greg Darke
If require a specific version of the google-cloud-sdk package in one of the extra components, then this will make it difficult (impossible?) to perform an in-place upgrade of these packages (since you can not upgrade the google-cloud-sdk package without breaking the existing install of the google-cloud-sdk-datastore-emulator package, and you can not build the new google-cloud-sdk-datastore-emulator package without the new google-cloud-sdk package being installed). I think the only way to do this where all of the parts have the required version would be to use a split package. But I suspect most people don't want to have to download the datastore/app engine parts. I suspect the next best thing is to just have a requirement on the correct package, and assume that people will upgrade all of them at the same time (and if they don't, they get to keep the broken pieces).
2020-05-13feat(google-cloud-sdk): new upstream release: 292.0.0Benjamin Denhartog
2020-05-05feat(google-cloud-sdk): new upstream release: 291.0.0Benjamin Denhartog
2020-05-03feat(google-cloud-sdk-app-engine-python): new release: 290.0.1-2Benjamin Denhartog
2020-05-03fix(google-app-engine-python): create the needed paths to copy the files intoTim Brown
The currently available PKGBUILDs do not build as the directory that the component files get copied into does not exist. This patch simply changes the creation of `${pkgdir}/opt` to create the full depth of directories necessary to build the packages.
2020-05-01feat: add package google-cloud-sdk-app-engine-pythonTim Brown