AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-11-12hipchat: fix patchingfrederik
2019-11-06fix quoting in PKGBUILD headerfrederik
2019-11-06hipchat: PKGBUILD review by svenstarofrederik
2018-08-05update to
2018-07-23update to
2018-06-26update to
2018-05-27update to
2018-02-27update to
2017-09-10Upgrade and workaround for seccomp bug with Qt 5.8.0John K. Luebs
2017-04-25Fix openssl compatibility issue: force to 1.0John K. Luebs
2017-01-13updaqte to K. Luebs
2016-11-19update to K. Luebs
2016-09-16Fix invalid checksum for K. Luebs
2016-09-16update to K. Luebs
2016-09-16update to K. Luebs
2016-08-23update to K. Luebs
2016-06-03update to 4.0.1641John K. Luebs
2016-06-03add Atlassian licenseJohn K. Luebs
2016-06-03Remove install script now provided by alpm hooksJohn K. Luebs
2016-06-03Changed binary symlink to non funky case (hipchat4)John K. Luebs
2016-05-18Update to 4.0.1637John K. Luebs
2016-03-18update to Hipchat 4John K. Luebs
2015-12-13add missing xcb-util-keysyms dependencyJohn K. Luebs
2015-12-04remove unnecessary dependency on qt5-baseJohn K. Luebs
2015-07-09update to 2.2.1388John K. Luebs
2015-07-08Initial importvlad