AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
12 daysfixed hashes not updatedBrainDamage
2023-01-23move the installation to a virtual env so it's fully self contained in a sing...BrainDamage
2022-08-01upstream released a version with the buggy --prefix directive removed, remove...etckeeper
2022-07-09forgot to bump the hashes ... againetckeeper
2022-07-09added temp workaround for pip installation in home assistant being brokenetckeeper
2022-05-28bump checksumsetckeeper
2022-05-19added gcc to runtime depsetckeeper
2022-05-19hardened more the .service filesetckeeper
2022-05-19fixed ExecStartPre vs ExecStart copypaste typoetckeeper
2022-05-19initial versionetckeeper