AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-04-20Using sysusers.d and tmpfiles.d for hqplayer userblackhole
2021-04-04added conflicts to PKGBUILD for other hqplayer-embedded versionsblackhole
2021-04-01Fix for aarch64 versionblackhole
2021-03-10Update to version 4.22.3blackhole
2021-02-21Update to version 4.22.1blackhole
2021-02-10Update to version 4.22.0blackhole
2021-01-30Changed install fileblackhole
2021-01-30Update to version 27.0.59blackhole
2021-01-30PKGBUILD cleanup - Changed source to Fedora packageblackhole
2021-01-28Update to version 4.21.1blackhole
2021-01-27Update to version 4.21.0blackhole
2021-01-11Fix to source versionblackhole
2021-01-10Temporary downgrade to 4.20.1-56blackhole
2021-01-10Update to version 4.20.2blackhole
2020-12-25Update to version 4.20.1blackhole
2020-11-19Update to version 4.20.0blackhole
2020-09-22Update to version 4.19.1blackhole
2020-09-05Update to version 4.19.0blackhole
2020-07-27Added aarch64 architectureblackhole
2020-07-24Update to version 4.18.1blackhole
2020-06-11Update to version 4.18.0blackhole
2020-05-18Update to version 4.17.1blackhole
2020-05-11Update to version 4.17.0blackhole
2020-04-18PKGBUILD fixblackhole
2020-04-18Update to version 4.16.0blackhole
2020-03-26Update to version 4.15.2blackhole
2020-03-02Update to version 4.15.0blackhole
2020-01-31Update to version 4.14.0blackhole
2019-12-15Update to version 4.13.0blackhole
2019-11-21Update to version 4.12.2blackhole
2019-10-19Update to version 4.12.1blackhole
2019-10-10Update to version 4.12.0blackhole
2019-09-02Update to version 4.11.2 build 35blackhole
2019-08-27Update to version 4.11.2 build 34blackhole
2019-08-24Update to version 4.11.2blackhole
2019-07-31Update to version 4.11.1blackhole
2019-07-06Update to version 4.11.0blackhole
2019-06-08Update to version 4.10.2blackhole
2019-05-26Update to 4.10.0blackhole
2019-02-25Update to version 4.9.0blackhole
2019-01-28Update to version 4.8.0blackhole
2018-12-31Update to version 4.7.1blackhole
2018-12-09Update to version 4.7.0blackhole
2018-10-25Update to 4.6.1blackhole
2018-10-15Added hqplayer user for systemd serviceaudiolinux
2018-10-15Systemd service fixaudiolinux
2018-10-15Added hqplayerd2 systemd service as in original packageaudiolinux
2018-10-14Update to 4.6.0audiolinux
2018-10-03Update to version 4.5.1blackhole
2018-09-28Update to version 4.5.0blackhole