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2018-08-11Depend on html5lib instead of lxmlScore_Under
This is reported to provide less buggy parsing behaviour in the client, and appears to be the default backend in the official release.
2018-08-09Update for v317Score_Under
2018-08-01Update for v316Score_Under
2018-07-18Update for v215Score_Under
2018-07-12Update for v314Score_Under
2018-07-07Update for v313Score_Under
2018-06-28Update for v312Score_Under
2018-06-21Update for v311Score_Under
2018-06-13Update for v310 (somewhat late)Score_Under
2018-05-30Update for v309Score_Under
2018-05-23Update for v308Score_Under
2018-05-17Update for v307Score_Under
2018-05-09Update for v306Score_Under
2018-05-09Update for v305Score_Under
2018-04-27Update for v304Score_Under
2018-04-19Update for v303Score_Under
2018-04-14Update for v302Score_Under
2018-04-07Update for v301Score_Under
Also remove dependency on wxpython (we use the phoenix version instead) and add dependency on gtkglext (required by opencv's python module)
2018-03-29Update for v300Score_Under
2018-03-27Update for v299Score_Under
2018-03-17Update for v298Score_Under
2018-03-07Update for v297Score_Under
2018-03-04Update for v296Score_Under
2018-02-23Update for v295Score_Under
2018-02-20Update for v294Score_Under
2018-02-09Update for v293Score_Under
2018-02-03Update for v292Score_Under
2018-01-24Update for v291Score_Under
2018-01-24Update for v290Score_Under
2018-01-24Update for v289Score_Under
2018-01-24Update for v288Score_Under
2017-12-23Update for v287Score_Under
2017-12-18Update for v286Score_Under
2017-12-10Update for v285Score_Under
2017-12-02Update for v284Score_Under
2017-11-16Update for v282Score_Under
2017-11-10Update for v281Score_Under
2017-11-05Update for v280Score_Under
2017-10-27Update for v279Score_Under
2017-09-28Update for v275Score_Under
2017-09-14Update for v273Score_Under
2017-09-07Update for v272Score_Under
2017-08-31Update for v271Score_Under
2017-08-24Update for v270Score_Under
2017-08-18Update for v269Score_Under
2017-08-11Update for v268Score_Under
2017-08-03Update for v267Score_Under
2017-07-29Add hdf5 dependency (really an opencv dep)Score_Under
2017-07-29Update for v266Score_Under
2017-06-16Update for v260Score_Under