AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-05-10Update to 3.0.2 fixMichał Olejniczak
2019-05-10Update to 3.0.2Michał Olejniczak
2019-05-09Update to 3.0.1Michał Olejniczak
2019-05-06Update to 3.0.0Michał Olejniczak
2019-02-13Update to 2.1.2Michał Olejniczak
2018-04-16Update to 2.0.0 stableMark Pitman
2018-04-06Update to 2.0.0-canary-16Mark Pitman
Add .gitignore to exclude output from `makepkg`
2018-03-29Update to 2.0.0-canary-15Mark Pitman
Update md5sum too
2018-02-11updatedAaron Abbott
2018-01-17upgradeAaron Abbott
2018-01-09Updated, built fineAaron Abbott
2017-12-23Updated to canary naming schemeAaron Abbott
This may not update correctly since the hyper devs thought it would be good to decrease the version number
2017-11-052.1.1Aaron Abbott
2017-09-272.0.4Aaron Abbott
2017-09-272.0.2Aaron Abbott
2017-09-21updatedAaron Abbott
2017-09-181.4.6Aaron Abbott
2017-09-13udpated to 1.4.4Aaron Abbott
2017-09-04updated to 1.4.3Aaron Abbott
2017-08-31Upgraded to 1.4.2Aaron Abbott
2017-05-12Bump to 1.3.3 and fix build bugAaron Abbott
2017-05-11Upgraded to 1.3.2 and made changes in PKGBUILDAaron Abbott
Added yarn as a build dep now too, as it is recommended in the hyper README. Also, changed the build() function a little too, see comments
2017-03-16Updated to 1.3.1Aaron Abbott
2017-02-17Updated to 1.2.1Aaron Abbott
2017-01-18Use '@' in url instead of %40Aaron Abbott
Also uses hack to install the right version of webpack before building. Builds correctly now.
2017-01-11Don't use yarn at allAaron Abbott
2017-01-11Updated to 1.1.0Aaron Abbott
2016-12-12Updated to 1.0.0 removed babel patchAaron Abbott
2016-11-15Fixed Hyper->hyper rename and webpack babel bugAaron Abbott
2016-10-190.8.3Aaron Abbott
2016-10-16Updated to 0.8.2Aaron Abbott
2016-10-10Refactored for new package's nameAaron Abbott
2016-10-10Merge branch 'master' of Abbott
2016-10-10Trying to get rid of old changesAaron Abbott
2016-10-10Forgot to add .SRCINFOAaron Abbott
2016-10-10Added desktop entry (thanks @auk) and iconAaron Abbott
Also fixed bug with hyperterm devs renaming tarball's folders after they made the release...
2016-10-07Can't rename, so changed back name and made commentAaron Abbott
2016-10-07Applied @auk's patch to upgrade to v0.8.1Aaron Abbott
2016-09-12Added @fleischie's patch for hiding the menu barAaron Abbott
Also updated download link
2016-08-31Added python2 to makedependsAaron Abbott
2016-08-08Updated license field to MITAaron Abbott
2016-07-26Updated to version 0.7.1Aaron Abbott
2016-07-22First version of hyperterm inAaron Abbott
2016-01-26LoadStatus, Makefile improvementAxelMarchand
2016-01-25Initial CommitAxelMarchand