AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-08-04Update: Following new resourceJesús Castro
Signed-off-by: Jesús Castro <>
2019-07-05redirect to the new user space at GitHubJesús Castro
Signed-off-by: Jesús Castro <>
2019-04-20PKGBUILD: a little optimization with pkg variablesJesús Castro
Signed-off-by: Jesús Castro <>
2019-03-16Follow release from GitHubJesús Castro
Signed-off-by: Jesús Castro <>
2019-01-26Update sourcesJesús Castro
Following the update from GitHub Signed-off-by: Jesús Castro <>
2018-09-18following the release from githubJesús Castro
2018-08-12update: handle from sourceJesús Castro
update the GitHub handle to get sources
2018-05-21update handle from sourceJesús Castro
2018-04-13update: following the release from githubJesús Castro
2018-03-25fix the .SRCINFOJesús Castro
2018-03-25Update to get i3 work as usual under GNOME 3.28.0Jesús Castro
Follwing the update from github.
2018-03-16update: following the release from githubJesús Castro
minor improvements to PKGBUILD
2017-11-14update: new sources to download filesJesús Castro
updated sources to get future versions of this packages Signed-off-by: Jesús Castro <>
2017-10-07upd: Update to get it work under (3.26)Jesús Castro
Adding Contributors. Following the suggestion of @Snowmobil on issue #9 [1] now i3-gnome still works under the new version of GNOME (3.26) Also, thanks to @killajoe to let us know about the issue. Signed-off-by: Jesús Castro <>
2017-09-16update, add epoch due to lower versionJesús Castro
As the older maintainer has a different number for the version just changed to go in line with the actual project on github. thanks to @ItachiSan for this suggestion.
2017-08-08minor but importantJesús Castro
2017-08-07update, logout process now works properlyJesús Castro
2017-07-28update, new upstream URLJesús Castro
2017-07-27update, new source and issues fixedJesús Castro
2017-07-26update, add dependenciesJesús Castro
2015-09-26Really update packagePatrick Niklaus
2015-09-26Update to new versionPatrick Niklaus
2015-08-15First version of i3-gnomePatrick Niklaus