AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-11-18Fix buildZhang Hua
2023-09-11Add missing depends of electronZhang Hua
2023-05-20Fix build failure on Node20Zhang Hua
2023-02-22Change makedepends from nodejs+python to node-gypZhang Hua
2023-02-21Bump to 2.8.10Zhang Hua
2023-02-17Bump electron to 22Zhang Hua
2022-12-14Fix missing depends libvipsZhang Hua
2022-12-14Fix build issueZhang Hua
2022-12-11Switch to branch developZhang Hua
2022-11-08Fix build under chrootzhanghua000
2022-11-06Fix build under openssl 3.0zhanghua000
2022-08-27Bump to latest versionzhanghua000
2022-08-27Bump to latest versionzhanghua000
2022-08-18Fix buildzhanghua000
2022-06-04Upgrade to latest versionzhanghua000
2022-05-20Fix start scriptzhanghua000
2022-05-20Upgrade to latest versionzhanghua000
2022-04-04Update meta infozhanghua000
2022-04-04skip sed in package()zhanghua000
2022-04-03Update PKGBUILD to use electron 17zhanghua000
2022-03-26Update PKGBUILDzhanghua000
2022-03-25Update PKGBUILDzhanghua000
2022-03-25Update PKGBUILDzhanghua000
2022-03-25Adjust depends from official versionzhanghua000
2022-03-04First Releasezhanghua000