AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-01-15Update to 5.2.1Parker Johansen
2020-12-22Update to 5.2.0Parker Johansen
2020-11-11Update to 5.1.2Parker Johansen
2020-09-29Update to 5.1.1Parker Johansen
2020-09-21Update to 5.1.0Parker Johansen
2020-09-13Update to 5.0.1Parker Johansen
2020-08-31Update to 5.0.0Parker Johansen
2020-08-31Add zst packages to .gitignoreParker Johansen
2020-04-17Update to 4.6.1Parker Johansen
2020-03-16Update to 4.6.0Parker Johansen
2020-02-09Update to 4.5.2Parker Johansen
2020-01-13Update to 4.5.1Parker Johansen
2020-01-13Remove gconf dependencyParker Johansen
2020-01-02Update to 4.5.1 and move Jonathan Raffre to contributor. Thank you for your ↵Parker Johansen
work in maintaining this package!
2019-12-14Update inkdrop logoParker Johansen
2019-12-14Clean up some namcap errorsParker Johansen
2019-12-14Update to 4.4.1Parker Johansen
2019-10-21Update to 4.4.0Parker Johansen
2019-10-14Updgrade gtk2 dependency to gtk3Parker Johansen
2019-09-03Update to 4.3.4Parker Johansen
2019-09-03Update to 4.3.3Parker Johansen
2019-08-08Update to 4.3.2Parker Johansen
2019-08-07Update to 4.3.1Parker Johansen
2019-08-07Update to 4.3.0Parker Johansen
2019-07-11Update to 4.2.0Parker Johansen
2019-06-23Update to 4.1.0Parker Johansen
2019-06-13Update to 4.0.2Parker Johansen
2019-06-10Update to 4.0.1Parker Johansen
2019-06-05Update to 4.0.0Parker Johansen
2019-03-17Update to 3.25.4Parker Johansen
2019-03-17Add script to get checksumParker Johansen
2019-01-22Updated to 3.25.3Parker Johansen
2019-01-16Updated to 3.25.2Parker Johansen
2019-01-16Updated to 3.25.1Parker Johansen
2019-01-16Updated to 3.25.0Parker Johansen
2019-01-02Added gtk2 dependencyParker Johansen
2019-01-02Updated to 3.24.0Parker Johansen
2018-11-29Updated to 3.23.2Parker Johansen
2018-11-10Updated to 3.23.1Parker Johansen
2018-11-10Updated to 3.23.0Parker Johansen
2018-11-01Updated to 3.22.4Parker Johansen
2018-11-01Updated to 3.22.3Parker Johansen
2018-09-30Updated to 3.22.2Parker Johansen
2018-09-30Updated to 3.22.1Parker Johansen
2018-08-25Updated to 3.22.0Parker Johansen
2018-08-23Added gconf dependencyParker Johansen
2018-08-17Updated to 3.21.0Parker Johansen
2018-07-22Updated to version 3.20.2Parker Johansen
2018-05-25Update to 3.20.1Parker Johansen
2018-05-25Added .gitignoreParker Johansen