AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-04-26Update to 2017.1.2Urs Wolfer
2017-04-11Update to 2017.1.1D. Can Celasun
2017-03-22Update to new build, bump pkgverD. Can Celasun
2017-03-22Update to 2017.1D. Can Celasun
2017-03-07Update to 2016.3.5D. Can Celasun
2017-02-01Update to 2016.3.4Urs Wolfer
2017-01-18Update to 2016.3.3Urs Wolfer
2016-12-28Update to 2016.3.2Urs Wolfer
2016-12-14Update to 2016.3.1Urs Wolfer
2016-11-23Update to 2016.3Urs Wolfer
2016-10-19Update to 2016.2.5Urs Wolfer
2016-09-12Update to 2016.2.4Urs Wolfer
2016-09-01Update to 2016.2.3Urs Wolfer
2016-08-17Update to 2016.2.2Urs Wolfer
2016-08-03Update to 2016.2Urs Wolfer
2016-07-13Update to 2016.2Urs Wolfer
2016-06-11Update to 2016.1.3Urs Wolfer
2016-06-02Set 'epoch = 2' to prevent pacman warning because of 'b' version prefixUrs Wolfer
2016-05-30Update to 2016.1.2bUrs Wolfer
2016-05-11Update to 2016.1.2Urs Wolfer
2016-03-31Update to 2016.1.1Urs Wolfer
2016-03-18Update to 2016.1Urs Wolfer
2016-02-26Update to 15.0.4Urs Wolfer
2016-01-20Update to 15.0.3Urs Wolfer
2015-12-10Update to 15.0.2Urs Wolfer
2015-11-13Update to 15.0.1Urs Wolfer
2015-11-03Update to 15.0Urs Wolfer
2015-09-28update .SRCINFUrs Wolfer
2015-09-28Update to 14.1.5Urs Wolfer
2015-06-23Initial importUrs Wolfer