AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-05-28[intellij-idea-ultimate-edition] Update to 2019.1.3D. Can Celasun
2019-05-08[intellij-idea-ultimate-edition] Update to 2019.1.2D. Can Celasun
2019-04-18[intellij-idea-ultimate-edition] Update to 2019.1.1D. Can Celasun
2019-03-29[intellij-idea-ultimate-edition] Add libdbusmenu-glib as optional dependencyD. Can Celasun
2019-03-27[intellij-idea-ultimate-edition] Update to 2019.1D. Can Celasun
2019-03-26[intellij-idea-ultimate-edition] Update to 2018.3.6D. Can Celasun
2019-02-27[intellij-idea-ultimate-edition] Update to 2018.3.5D. Can Celasun
2019-01-29[intellij-idea-ultimate-edition] Update to 2018.3.4D. Can Celasun
2019-01-11[intellij-idea-ultimate-edition] Update to 2018.3.3D. Can Celasun
2018-12-19[intellij-idea-ultimate-edition] Update to 2018.3.2D. Can Celasun
2018-12-05[intellij-idea-ultimate-edition] Update to 2018.3.1D. Can Celasun
2018-11-21[intellij-idea-ultimate-edition] Update to 2018.3D. Can Celasun
2018-11-13[intellij-idea-ultimate-edition] Update to 2018.2.6D. Can Celasun
2018-10-17[intellij-idea-ultimate-edition] Update to 2018.2.5D. Can Celasun
2018-09-18[intellij-idea-ultimate-edition] Update to 2018.2.4D. Can Celasun
2018-09-07[intellij-idea-ultimate-edition] Update to 2018.2.3D. Can Celasun
2018-08-21[intellij-idea-ultimate-edition] Update to 2018.2.2D. Can Celasun
2018-08-07[intellij-idea-ultimate-edition] Update to 2018.2.1D. Can Celasun
2018-07-26[intellij-idea-ultimate-edition] Update to 2018.2D. Can Celasun
2018-07-13[intellij-idea-ultimate-edition] Update to 2018.1.6D. Can Celasun
2018-06-13[intellij-idea-ultimate-edition] Update to 2018.1.5D. Can Celasun
2018-05-22[intellij-idea-ultimate-edition] Update to 2018.1.4D. Can Celasun
2018-05-08[intellij-idea-ultimate-edition] Updated to 2018.1.3D. Can Celasun
2018-04-25[intellij-idea-ultimate-edition] Update to 2018.1.2-2D. Can Celasun
2018-04-25[intellij-idea-ultimate-edition] Update to 2018.1.2D. Can Celasun
2018-04-10[intellij-idea-ultimate-edition] Update to 2018.1.1D. Can Celasun
2018-03-27Update to 2018.1D. Can Celasun
2018-03-13Update to 2017.3.5D. Can Celasun
2018-01-31Update to 2017.3.4D. Can Celasun
2018-01-30Workaround for missing executable bit on mvn binaryD. Can Celasun
2018-01-16Update to 2017.3.3D. Can Celasun
2017-12-28Update to 2017.3.2D. Can Celasun
2017-12-12Update to 2017.3.1D. Can Celasun
2017-11-30Update to 2017.3D. Can Celasun
2017-11-14Update to 2017.2.6D. Can Celasun
2017-09-27Update to 2017.2.5D. Can Celasun
2017-09-19Fix .SRCINFOD. Can Celasun
2017-09-18PKGBUILD improvementsD. Can Celasun
2017-09-12Update to 2017.2.4D. Can Celasun
2017-08-30Update to 2017.2.3D. Can Celasun
2017-08-27Adjust dependenciesD. Can Celasun
2017-08-16Remove unused fileD. Can Celasun
2017-08-16Minor fixesD. Can Celasun
2017-08-15Update to 2017.2.2D. Can Celasun
2017-08-14Switch to split package with custom JRE supportD. Can Celasun
2017-08-01Update to 2017.2.1D. Can Celasun
2017-07-18Update to 2017.2D. Can Celasun
2017-07-05Update to 2017.1.5Urs Wolfer
2017-06-07Update to 2017.1.4D. Can Celasun
2017-05-17Update to 2017.1.3Urs Wolfer