AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-12-25upgrade to 4.1Sky Chan
2017-11-12upgrade to 4.0 and fix some bugsSky Chan
2017-10-23upgrade to 4.0Sky Chan
2017-02-06fix a bugSky Chan
2017-02-06remove licenseSky Chan
2017-02-06fix some problemSky Chan
2017-02-06add the mirrorSky Chan
2017-02-06change infoSky Chan
2017-02-03Improve start scriptMichael Lass
2017-02-02Update to 3.8.2Michael Lass
2016-12-27Update to 3.8.1Michael Lass
2016-12-18Update to 3.8 and fix licenseMichael Lass
2016-11-14Update to 3.7Michael Lass
2016-08-26Update to 3.6Michael Lass
2016-07-16Only extract from JAR what we needMichael Lass
2016-07-15Update to 3.5Michael Lass
2016-06-03Update to 3.4Michael Lass
2016-04-19Update to ver. 3.3Michael Lass
2016-03-02Add reference to github repoMichael Lass
2016-02-05Force usage of latest java versionMichael Lass
2016-01-11Update to 3.2Michael Lass
2015-12-28Update to 3.1Michael Lass
2015-12-01Add StartupWMClass to desktop fileMichael Lass
2015-12-01JabRef 3.0 requires Java 8Michael Lass
2015-11-30Update to 3.0Michael Lass
2015-11-23Update to 2.11.1Michael Lass
2015-07-05Initial commitMichael Lass