AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-04-06Update 2.10.5Stefan Seemayer
2018-07-06Update 2.10.4Stefan Seemayer
2018-05-05update .SRCINFO to pkgrel 4Sebastian Stammler
2018-05-05update jars and checksums. remove .. from installation source files.Sebastian Stammler
2018-01-07Remove xmlstarlet and wget from makedependsStefan Seemayer
2018-01-07Include JAR files in PKGBUILDStefan Seemayer
Includes python script that will inspect the current JNLP file and add all JAR URLs plus their SHA256 digests to the PKGBUILD
2018-01-07Update to 2.1.3Stefan Seemayer
2017-05-13update srcinfoStefan Seemayer
2017-05-13Update to 2.10.1 (thanks @sebstar!)Stefan Seemayer
2015-11-06Another update .SRCINFOStefan Seemayer
2015-11-06Update .SRCINFOStefan Seemayer
2015-11-06Possibly fix wrong AUR display of version?Stefan Seemayer
2015-11-06Update to 2.9.0b2; add gitignoreStefan Seemayer
2015-07-06Initial importStefan Seemayer