AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-01-14BumpStephen Martin
2017-09-28Bumped pkg versionStephen Martin
2017-09-28Added r-cran-rcpp as depStephen Martin
2017-09-28Removed rcpp and rinsideStephen Martin
2017-06-04Moved bundle to new JASP locationStephen Martin
2017-06-04Date bumpStephen Martin
2016-10-19Added Rcpp to R libraryStephen Martin
2016-09-22Moved all packages to JASP directory except RInside.Stephen Martin
2016-05-18Updated to R 3.3Stephen Martin
2016-05-10Version bumpStephen Martin
2016-05-10Changed to arrayStephen Martin
2015-12-05Bumped package versionStephen Martin
2015-09-07Preparing for transition to rjson away from rjsonioStephen Martin
2015-09-04Initial commitStephen Martin