AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-04-28Merge pull request #3 from 2m/wip-b219-2mMartynas Mickevičius
2018-04-28Update to b219Martynas Mickevičius
2018-04-17Merge pull request #1 from 2m/wip-update-build-version-2mMartynas Mickevičius
2018-04-17Update to the latest buildMartynas Mickevičius
2018-03-03Use latest arch-travisMartynas Mickevičius
2018-03-01Update to build 157Martynas Mickevičius
2018-02-18Regenerated SRCINFOMartynas Mickevičius
2018-02-18Modify to Shenandoah buildMartynas Mickevičius
2018-02-06updpkgverMarcus Behrendt
2018-01-21updpkgverMarcus Behrendt
2018-01-18updpkgverMarcus Behrendt
2018-01-13updpkgverMarcus Behrendt
2018-01-13updpkgverMarcus Behrendt
2017-12-29updpkgverMarcus Behrendt
2017-12-16.srcinfoMarcus Behrendt
2017-12-16updpkgverMarcus Behrendt
2017-11-16updpkgverMarcus Behrendt
2017-10-02Update to 1024.3Felix M. Cobos
2017-09-28Update to 1024.2Felix M. Cobos
2017-09-24Update to 1024.1Felix M. Cobos
2017-09-18Update to 1012.1Felix M. Cobos
2017-09-14Update to 1008.1Felix M. Cobos
2017-09-04Update to 991.1Felix M. Cobos
2017-08-29Update to 970.2Felix M. Cobos
2017-06-05Update to 915.1Felix M. Cobos
2017-06-01Update to 884.3Felix M. Cobos
2017-05-29Update to 884.1Felix M. Cobos
2017-05-27Update to 867.5Felix M. Cobos
2017-05-22Update to 867.1Felix M. Cobos
2017-05-15Update to 855.1Felix M. Cobos
2017-05-10Update to 851.2Felix M. Cobos
2017-05-06Update to 845.3Felix M. Cobos
2017-05-03Update to 845.2Felix M. Cobos
2017-05-02Update to 845.1Felix M. Cobos
2017-04-28Updated to 837.5Felix M. Cobos
2017-04-27Update to 837.4Felix M. Cobos
2017-04-25Update to 837.2Felix M. Cobos
2017-04-19Update to 8u152b829.1Felix M. Cobos
2017-04-02Update to 799.5Felix M. Cobos
2017-03-23Updated to 783.1.Felix M. Cobos
2017-03-02Updated to 755Felix M. Cobos
2017-02-02Updated to 719Felix M. Cobos
2016-12-30Update to 657Felix M. Cobos
2016-12-27Update to 8u112b634Felix M. Cobos
2016-12-20Updated to 621Felix Manuel Cobos Sánchez
2016-12-19Update to 620Felix Manuel Cobos Sánchez
2016-12-16Update to 618Felix M. Cobos
2016-12-13Update to 616Felix M. Cobos
2016-12-13Update to 8u112b606Felix M. Cobos
2016-10-25Update .SRCINFOLeonidas Arvanitis