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41 hoursRelease 1.14 – 2019-12-30Andrea Girotto
Fix Hex: Allow encoding read-only ByteBuffer. Fixes CODEC-261. Fix Hex: Only use an available ByteBuffer backing array if the length equals the remaining byte count. Fixes CODEC-259. Update MurmurHash3: Deprecate hash64 methods and hash methods accepting a String that use the default encoding. Fixes CODEC-268. Fix BaseNCodec to expand buffer using overflow conscious code. Fixes CODEC-265. Fix Base32/64: Fixed decoding check that all the final trailing bits to discard are zero. Fixes CODEC-270. Add Add MurmurHash3.hash128x64 methods to fix sign extension error during seeding in hash128 methods. Fixes CODEC-264. Add Add MurmurHash3.hash32x86 methods and IncrementalHash32x86 to fix sign extension error in hash32 methods. Fixes CODEC-267. Fix Allow repeat calls to MurmurHash3.IncrementalHash32.end() to generate the same value. Fixes CODEC-269. Add Add RandomAccessFile digest methods #31. Fixes CODEC-272. Add Add Path APIs to org.apache.commons.codec.digest.DigestUtils similar to File APIs. Fixes CODEC-273. Add Add SHA-512/224 and SHA-512/256 to DigestUtils for Java 9 and up. Fixes CODEC-274. Add Add missing note in javadoc when sign extension error is present #34. Fixes CODEC-275. Fix Reliance on default encoding in MurmurHash2 and MurmurHash3. Fixes CODEC-276. Update Don't reload standard Charsets in org.apache.commons.codec.Charsets. Fixes CODEC-277.
2019-09-06Release 1.13 2019-07-20Andrea Girotto
Fix ColognePhonetic handles x incorrectly. Fixes CODEC-255. Fix ColognePhonetic does not treat the letter H correctly. Fixes CODEC-254. Fix Reject any decode request for a value that is impossible to encode to for Base32/Base64 rather than blindly decoding. Fixes CODEC-134. Add MurmurHash2 for 32-bit or 64-bit value. Fixes CODEC-236. Add MurmurHash3 for 32-bit or 128-bit value. Fixes CODEC-236. Update Broken direct java.nio.ByteBuffer support in org.apache.commons.codec.binary.Hex. Fixes CODEC-236.
2019-02-17Release 1.12Andrea Girotto
B64 salt generator: Random -> ThreadLocalRandom. Fixes CODEC-252. Wrong value calculated by Cologne Phonetic if a special character is placed between equal letters. Update from Java 6 to Java 7. Fixes CODEC-244. Add Percent-Encoding Codec (described in RFC3986 and RFC7578). Fixes CODEC-240. ColognePhoneticTest.testIsEncodeEquals missing assertions. Fixes CODEC-246. Add SHA-3 methods in DigestUtils. Fixes CODEC-251.
2017-11-23Release 1.11Andrea Girotto
2015-06-08Initial commit: release 1.10-1Andrea Girotto