AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-10-20Incr pkgrel to add corresponding .SRCINFO from previous fixgduboc
2018-10-20Pkg name fix by specter119gduboc
2018-09-21Reversed to jupyterlab_launcher and 1.31.1 versiongduboc
2018-09-20Rename to server and update 0.2.0gduboc
2018-09-20Add correct sha256sumsgduboc
2018-08-12Modify pkgrelgduboc
2018-08-12Update to 0.13.1gduboc
2018-07-25Add 0.11.2 .SRCINFOgduboc
2018-07-25Update to 0.11.2gduboc
2018-06-14Update 0.11.0gduboc
2018-03-03Update to 0.10.5Antonio Rojas
2017-10-19Update to 0.5.5Antonio Rojas
2017-09-18Update to 0.4.2Antonio Rojas
2017-08-22Initial importAntonio Rojas