AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-07-21Normalize the new version number formatFrank LENORMAND
2019-07-21Use a Git generated package version descriptorFrank LENORMAND
Use the `git describe` command to return a version descriptor better suited to *-git packages: <last_tag>-<commits_since_tag>-<head_hash>
2019-07-21Revert "Add _ref"Frank LENORMAND
This reverts commit c756d47c0d0f2767499266d3d4e0f3a4ab425987.
2019-01-25check build package: Do not explicitely build in non-debug modeFrank LENORMAND
The editor now builds in release mode by default, no need to specify `debug=no` anymore.
2019-01-22pkgconfig: Remove `pkgconf` superseed by implicit dependency to `base-devel`Frank LENORMAND
2019-01-20pkgconfig: Rename `pkg-config` into `pkgconf`Frank LENORMAND
2019-01-19check build package: Pass variables to `make` the idiomatic wayFrank LENORMAND
2019-01-19pkgbuild: Add a build dependency on `pkg-config`Frank LENORMAND
2019-01-19pkgbuild: Recommend the `aspell` package for spell-checkingFrank LENORMAND
2019-01-19pkgbuild: Update the package descriptionFrank LENORMAND
As outlined in the editor shouldn't be described as a Vim clone.
2019-01-19check: Run in release modeFrank LENORMAND
2018-10-29Remove asciidoc from makedependsArtem Vorotnikov
2018-06-09Provides and conflicts with official packageArtem Vorotnikov
2018-01-02Remove boost dependencyArtem Vorotnikov
2018-01-02Update supported archArtem Vorotnikov
2018-01-02Remove mksrcinfo header commentArtem Vorotnikov
2017-09-22Version bumpArtem Vorotnikov
2017-08-09Add ranger to optdependsArtem Vorotnikov
2017-08-09Version bumpArtem Vorotnikov
2017-06-15Version bumpArtem Vorotnikov
2017-06-15Add _refArtem Vorotnikov
2016-10-31Version bumpArtem Vorotnikov
2016-09-13Version bumpArtem Vorotnikov
2016-04-28update maintainerGokcehan Kara
2016-03-28update package name of optional ctags dependencyGokcehan Kara
2016-02-21Add `debug=no` to `make install` tooGuillaume ALAUX
2016-02-21Add `debug=no` to main makeGuillaume ALAUX
2016-02-21Add asciidoc as makedependsGuillaume ALAUX
2015-10-23Update optional dep name ctags-gitGuillaume ALAUX
2015-07-04Initial filesGuillaume ALAUX