AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-12-05Updated dependenciestjbp
2019-01-28Add polkit-qt4Carsten Feuls
2018-02-07Update to 3.0.2Carsten Feuls
2017-05-23Update to 3.0.1Carsten Feuls
2017-04-05Update to 3.0.0Carsten Feuls
2017-03-25Update to 2.1.9Carsten Feuls
2017-02-25Update to 2.1.8Carsten Feuls
2017-01-20Update to 2.1-7Carsten Feuls
2016-05-24Update packageCarsten Feuls
2016-04-20Update to 2.1-4Carsten Feuls
2016-04-06Update to Release 2.1-3Carsten Feuls
2016-02-05Updatet do sourcecode 2.1-2, but sourcefile was not renamed, there for only c...Carsten Feuls
2015-11-20Updated to 2.1 and added youtube-dlCarsten Feuls
2015-11-18Initial CommitCarsten Feuls