AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-06-04Fix PKGBUILDscan
2019-06-04Updated to 1.9.0scan
2018-05-07Update to v1.8.0.Tilman Blumenbach
2017-10-15Include version in source filename to make upgrades easier.Tilman Blumenbach
2017-10-14Give credit where credit is due. :-)Tilman Blumenbach
2017-10-14Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Blumenbach
2017-10-14Update to v1.7.3.Tilman Blumenbach
2017-09-08Update to v1.7.2.Tilman Blumenbach
2017-06-10Update to v1.7.0.Tilman Blumenbach
2016-11-21Update to v1.6.4.Tilman Blumenbach
2016-08-20Update to v1.6.3.Tilman Blumenbach
2016-04-04Fix pkgrel.Tilman Blumenbach
2016-04-04Upgrade to v1.6.0.Tilman Blumenbach
2015-12-20Updated PKGBUILD for v1.5.4.Tilman Blumenbach
2015-09-18Add copyright/license header to tools written by myself.Tilman Blumenbach
2015-09-18Remove local file name from source URL -- it's not needed anymore.Tilman Blumenbach
2015-09-17Newer KeeFox versions do not have a "KeePassRPC installation directory" ↵Tilman Blumenbach
setting anymore. Thanks to Marcel_K for the hint. :-)
2015-09-17Drop the dependency on unzip and let makepkg unpack the sources.Tilman Blumenbach
Marcel_K had the idea to use bsdtar instead of unzip to unpack the sources, but we shouldn't even need to unpack them ourselves anyway -- makepkg can do that for us (the reason for us doing this manually in the first place was to work around the source archive being a "zip bomb" [think tarbomb], but that isn't really a problem since it is the only source file anyway).
2015-09-17arch should be "any".Tilman Blumenbach
Thanks to Marcel_K for the hint.
2015-09-17Update to version 1.5.3.Tilman Blumenbach
2015-09-17When updating PKGBUILD, also generate checksums.Tilman Blumenbach
2015-06-30Update to v1.4.8.1.Tilman Blumenbach
2015-06-30Replace hyphens in pkgver with underscores in order to make it valid.Tilman Blumenbach
2015-01-22Handle corrupt API responses.Tilman Blumenbach
2015-01-22Minor fixes.Tilman Blumenbach
2015-01-21keefox-plugin-rpc: Add more AMO settings to PKGBUILD.Tilman Blumenbach
2015-01-21Add script for updating AMO PKGBUILDs.Tilman Blumenbach
2015-01-21AMO tool: Ignore beta versions.Tilman Blumenbach
2015-01-21Add AMO ID to keefox-plugin-rpc PKGBUID.Tilman Blumenbach
Not used yet.
2015-01-21Add simple tool to obtain latest download links from AMO.Tilman Blumenbach
2015-01-21Update keepass-plugin-rpc to v1.4.6.Tilman Blumenbach
2014-12-21keepass-plugin-rpc: Install plugin file to standard location.Tilman Blumenbach
2014-11-10keepass-plugin-rpc: Hint at the installation location using in the ↵Tilman Blumenbach
post-install message.
2014-11-10Update keepass-plugin-rpc to v1.4.4.Tilman Blumenbach
2014-10-11Updated keepass-plugin-rpc to v1.4.3.Tilman Blumenbach
2014-06-15Update keepass-plugin-rpc to v1.4.2Tilman Blumenbach
2014-05-18keepass-plugin-rpc requires unzip at build-time.Tilman Blumenbach
2014-05-10Updated keepass-plugin-rpc to v1.4.0.Tilman Blumenbach
2014-03-30Better description for keepass-plugin-rpcTilman Blumenbach
2014-03-23Update keepass-plugin-rpc to v1.3.1Tilman Blumenbach
2014-02-09Fix indentionTilman Blumenbach
2014-02-09Add keepass-plugin-rpc packageTilman Blumenbach