AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-07-27fix: WINEDEBUG=fixme-allkvaps
2016-07-27upd: pkgrelkvaps
2016-07-27del: WINEDLLOVERRIDESkvaps
2016-07-27add: installation nearby, and not in lieu of standart keepasskvaps
2016-07-27Revert "upd: .SRCINFOkvaps
2016-07-27mod: keepass-wine runs normal KeePasskvaps
2016-07-25upd: .SRCINFOkvaps
2016-07-25Revert "fix: sha256sum for keepass"kvaps
2016-07-25fix: wine installation moved to package sectionkvaps
2016-07-25fix: dotnetfx.exe removedkvaps
2016-07-25fix: keepass sha256sum and pkgrel setkvaps
2016-07-25add: dotnet40 install, and some more enhancementskvaps
2016-07-05fix: sha256sum for keepasskvaps
2016-07-05add: Setting PATH variable for URL overrides workingkvaps
2016-07-05fix: using portable version instead compiling with monokvaps
2016-07-05fix: WINEPREFIX per userkvaps
2016-07-05fix: deps and pgp keykvaps
2016-07-04add: wine and dotnetfx installkvaps