AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-10-16Improved the package update script to automate the commit phasedx-mon
2020-10-16Bump to KiCAD 5.99.0-4084-gb9f1601418dx-mon
2020-10-14Bump to KiCAD 5.99.0-4047-gae8239a4fdx-mon
2020-10-14Bump to KiCAD 5.99.0-4027-g505d764f2 and add update automationdx-mon
2020-10-12Bump to KiCAD 5.99.0-3990-g5afae757fdx-mon
2020-10-11Bump to KiCAD 5.99.0-3966-gf6ab7f4e7dx-mon
2020-10-10Added a missing makedepends entry for Gitdx-mon
2020-10-10Bump to commit 90baed7e8dx-mon
2020-10-09Created a properly namespaced side-by-side installable nightly package for KiCADdx-mon