AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-03-18Updated to version 0.17.11Daniel Bermond
2020-01-11Updated to version 0.17.10Daniel Bermond
2020-01-03Update dependenciesDaniel Bermond
2019-09-28Updated to version 0.17.9Daniel Bermond
2019-09-06Updated to version 0.17.8Daniel Bermond
2019-02-04Updated to version 0.17.7Daniel Bermond
2019-01-04Updated to version 0.17.6Daniel Bermond
2018-10-25Updated to version 0.17.5Daniel Bermond
2018-09-27Fix build and packagingDaniel Bermond
2017-11-190.17.3Alessio Fachechi
2017-11-090.17.2Alessio Fachechi
2017-05-290.17.0Alessio Fachechi
2017-01-31updated .SRCINFOAlessio Fachechi
2017-01-30v0.13.0Alessio Fachechi
2016-09-22Updated .SRCINFOAlessio Fachechi
2016-09-22Updated to v0.12.0. Build from own Github repository.Alessio Fachechi
2015-12-13Upgraded to v0.9.3+ (master); Linux support is now in AlphaSander Boom
2015-09-22B/c build problems with the recent upgrade to nodejs 4+, changed to a purely ...Sander Boom
2015-09-18Removed unnecessary post_remove(); Added comment on submitting improvementsSander Boom
2015-09-18Initial commitSander Boom