AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-03-15bump to 1.21.0Simon Weald
2020-01-15bump to 1.20.0Simon Weald
2019-10-25bump to 1.19.0Simon Weald
2019-03-05bump release to 1.18.0Simon Weald
2018-11-06bumped to v1.17.0Simon Weald
2018-08-16updated to 1.16.0 releaseSimon Weald
2018-04-19bump package version to 1.12 and change source to match new releases ↵Simon Weald
download location
2017-12-13v1.6.0Tomas Kral
2017-11-01fix sha256sumTomas Kral
2017-11-01v1.4.0Tomas Kral
2017-10-10v1.2.0 & use sha256 hashTomas Kral
2017-09-12v1.1.0Tomas Kral
2017-08-07update .SRCINFOTomas Kral
2017-08-07v1.0.0-2 fix package - not extracting file from archiveTomas Kral
2017-07-27v1.0.0Tomas Kral
2017-06-07v0.7.0Tomas Kral
2017-05-15v0.6.0Tomas Kral
use tar.gz archive
2017-04-06v0.5.0Tomas Kral
2017-03-23update to v0.4.0, rename binary to komposeTomas Kral
2017-02-22corrected md5sumSimon Weald
2017-02-02corrected pkgnameSimon Weald
2017-02-02initial commitSimon Weald