AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-02-05update to 1.6.0D3SOX
2023-12-07update to 1.5.9D3SOX
2023-09-07update to 1.5.8D3SOX
2023-06-03update to 1.5.7D3SOX
2023-03-24update to 1.5.6D3SOX
2023-03-02fix buildD3SOX
2023-03-02update to 1.5.5D3SOX
2022-10-23update to 1.5.4D3SOX
2022-08-09update to 1.5.3D3SOX
2022-06-08update to 1.5.2D3SOX
2022-03-15remove icon cache stuffD3SOX
2022-03-15forgot to update srcinfoD3SOX
2022-03-15update to 1.5.1D3SOX
2022-01-03update to 1.5.0D3SOX
2021-12-02update to 1.4.9D3SOX
2021-11-03update to 1.4.8D3SOX
2021-10-06update to 1.4.7D3SOX
2021-09-10fix checksumD3SOX
2021-09-10update to 1.4.6D3SOX
2021-08-15don't strip symbolsD3SOX
2021-08-06update to 1.4.5D3SOX
2021-07-11update to 1.4.4D3SOX
2021-06-08update to 1.4.3D3SOX
2021-03-03update to 1.4.2D3SOX
2021-01-30add korla-icon-theme to providesD3SOX
2021-01-18remove index fixD3SOX
2021-01-18update to 1.4.1D3SOX
2021-01-13backport index fixD3SOX
2021-01-13update to 1.4.0D3SOX
2021-01-03fix checksumD3SOX
2021-01-03initial commitD3SOX