AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-08-22Version 3.3Thomas Poot
2019-05-15Moved from the 'kent' mirror to the 'iweb' mirror.Thomas Poot
2018-03-03Update checksumsHannes Eichblatt
I erroneously changed the checksums to those of the error pages SourceForge put up during an outage. The old generalized download URLs don't seem to work either, so I changed them to specific mirrors. For files this small, it shouldn't matter where you download them from.
2018-02-28Update README SHA256 sumHannes Eichblatt
2018-01-11Updated .SRCINFOHannes Eichblatt
2018-01-07Version 3.2Hannes Eichblatt
2016-10-27Bumped relversionHannes Eichblatt
2016-10-27Add perl-xml-parser as dependencyHannes Eichblatt
Thanks @waschtl.
2016-08-19Changed Maintainer in PKGBUILDHannes Eichblatt
2016-08-18Version 3.1Hannes Eichblatt
2016-08-18Updated .SRCINFOHannes Eichblatt
2016-08-18Fixed README checksumHannes Eichblatt
2016-08-18Fixed README checksumHannes Eichblatt
2015-07-13Initial importNiels Martignène