AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-09-21Update to 2.2.0zoe
2018-12-09Fixes sha1sum of qt5.11.patch and color-find.patchzoe
2018-10-13using upstream'd patch, deps cleanupSean Enck
2018-10-12patching import/floss find issueSean Enck
2018-10-05including a patch to specify imagemagick version as we're getting the wrong o...Sean Enck
2018-09-03automoc is no longer a makedependsSean Enck
2018-07-08use the 2.1.1 patch branch/hashSean Enck
2018-07-08use the upstream patchSean Enck
2018-06-11requiring image and libmagick >= 7, dropping conflictSean Enck
2018-06-04add patch for qt5.11zoe
2018-04-24Update to 2.1.1 ; conflicts with libmagick6zoe
2018-01-20Update to 2.1.0zoe
2017-12-21apply imagemagick patchzoe
2016-12-27Update to 2.0.0-2zoe
2016-12-15Update to 2.0.0-1zoe
2016-02-02Update to 1.3.0zoe
2015-09-21Update to 1.2.0-9zoe
2015-09-19Update to 1.2.0-8zoe
2015-09-18Update to 1.2.0-7zoe
2015-09-18Update to 1.2.0-6zoe
2015-09-18Update to 1.2.0-5zoe
2015-06-25Initial importzoe