AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-01-16Adding decoders and fixesMees Luten
2020-12-15Updated decoders and general cleanupMees Luten
2020-10-27Update dependency version and add decoderMees Luten
2020-10-27Make optimizationMees Luten
2020-10-27Update dependencies and adding CADUMees Luten
2020-10-22Adding multithreading to FY decoderMees Luten
2020-09-24Forgot the pkgrelMees Luten
2020-09-24Add new decoderMees Luten
2020-09-23Add pkgver() and git as makedependsMees Luten
2020-09-23Initial commit in new name formatMees Luten