AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
10 daysupdate to 30Jun2020physkets
2020-06-02update to 2 Jun 2020physkets
2020-03-22update to 19Mar2020physkets
2020-02-22update to 18Feb2020physkets
2020-02-10update to 4Feb2020physkets
2019-11-27update to 20Nov2019physkets
2019-09-20update to 19Sep2019physkets
2019-08-07fix directoryphyskets
2019-08-06remove install filephyskets
2019-08-06update to 7Aug2019, use git tagsphyskets
2019-08-03update to 2Aug2019physkets
2019-07-29update to 19Jul2019, use C++11 std, set path for pythonphyskets
2019-06-19update to 18Jun2019, remove doc dependency, install vim-filesphyskets
2019-06-05update to 5Jun2019physkets
2019-06-01update to 31May2019, add examplesphyskets
2019-05-30compile with mpiphyskets
2019-05-21update to 15May2019physkets
2019-05-04update to 30Apr2019physkets
2019-03-31Patch for kim-apiphyskets
2019-03-30update to 29Mar2019physkets
2019-03-29add version restriction on kim-apiphyskets
2019-03-18Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2019-03-18change optional build procedurephyskets
2019-03-18change optional build procedurephyskets
2019-03-18conditional makedeps and hard-code versionphyskets
2019-03-18change deps and build docs by defaultphyskets
2019-03-18not building doc by defaultphyskets
2019-03-02change descriptionphyskets
2019-03-02integrate Doc generationphyskets
2019-03-01optional Doc building supportphyskets
2019-03-01fix pkgverphyskets
2019-03-01update to 28Feb2019 & use githubphyskets
2019-02-22fix pkgver usagephyskets
2019-02-22changed version style to conform with other distrosphyskets
2019-02-22add providesphyskets
2019-02-22initialVishnu V K