AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-01-03Fix version comparisonPeter Hofmann
2021-01-03Web extensions must be copiedPeter Hofmann
2020-05-01Remove tabbed from optdependsPeter Hofmann
2020-03-14Include message on JS user scripts in install filePeter Hofmann
2020-03-14Web extension now installed by MakefilePeter Hofmann
2018-06-09Bump .SRCINFOPeter Hofmann
2018-06-09Bump .SRCINFOPeter Hofmann
2018-06-09Upstream has movedPeter Hofmann
2017-10-07License changed to MITPeter Hofmann
2016-07-30Implement City-busz's suggestions and bumpPeter Hofmann
2015-11-29Bump .SRCINFOPeter Hofmann
2015-11-29Use "make install" where applicablePeter Hofmann
2015-06-14Bump pkgverPeter Hofmann
2015-01-10lariza: Install READMEPeter Hofmann
2015-01-07lariza: Add tabbed to optdependsPeter Hofmann
2015-01-07lariza: Add PKGBUILDPeter Hofmann