AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-06-19Using the new go package guidelines.frealgagu
2020-05-21Upgrading to version 0.20.4frealgagu
2020-05-15Upgrading to version 0.20.3frealgagu
2020-04-23Upgrading to version 0.20.2frealgagu
2020-04-21Upgrading to version 0.20frealgagu
2020-04-06Upgrading to version 0.19frealgagu
2020-03-25Upgrading to version 0.17.4frealgagu
2020-03-06Upgrading to version 0.16.2frealgagu
2020-02-26Upgrading to version 0.15.3frealgagu
2020-02-08Upgrading to version 0.14.2frealgagu
2020-01-27Cleaning modcache after build step in order to avoid issues in next builds.frealgagu
2020-01-10Upgrading to version 0.13frealgagu
2019-12-11Upgrading to version 0.11.3frealgagu
2019-11-22Upgrading to version 0.11.2frealgagu
2019-11-22Upgrading to version 0.11.2frealgagu
2019-11-01Upgrading to version 0.8.3frealgagu
2019-06-25Upgrading to version 0.8.1frealgagu
2019-05-15Upgrading to version 0.8frealgagu
2019-04-13Adding LDFLAGS to go build.Fredy García
2019-03-05Upgrading to version 0.7.2frealgagu
2019-03-03version bump to 0.7.1fuero
2019-01-21Upgrading to version 0.6frealgagu
2018-12-17Removing gopath in prepare stage before building.frealgagu
2018-12-16Removing gopath in prepare stage before building.frealgagu
2018-11-08Compiling in chroot.frealgagu
2018-10-24Upgrading to version 0.5frealgagu
2018-10-10Upgrading to version 0.4frealgagu
2018-09-23Upgrading to version 0.3.1Fredy García
2018-09-20Upgrading to version 0.3.0frealgagu
2018-09-11Upgrading to version 0.2.2Fredy García
2018-08-28Upgrading to version 0.2.1fuero
2018-08-24Upgrading to version 0.1.80frealgagu
2018-08-23Upgrading to version 0.1.79frealgagu
2018-08-20Upgraging to version 0.1.78Fredy García
2018-08-20Upgrading to version 0.1.77Fredy García
2018-08-20Upgrading to version 0.1.76Fredy García
2018-08-20Upgrading to version 0.1.75Fredy García
2018-08-20Upgrading to version 0.1.74Fredy García
2018-08-19Upgrading to version 0.1.73Fredy García
2018-08-19Upgrading to version 0.1.72Fredy García
2018-08-19Upgrading to version 0.1.71Fredy García
2018-08-18Upgrading to version 0.1.70Fredy García
2018-08-18Upgrading to version 0.1.69Fredy García
2018-08-18Upgrading to version 0.1.68Fredy García
2018-08-18Upgrading to version 0.1.67Fredy García
2018-08-18Upgrading to version 0.1.66Fredy García
2018-08-18Upgrading to version 0.1.65Fredy García
2018-08-17Upgrading to version 0.1.64fuero
2018-08-14Upgrading to version 0.1.61frealgagu
2018-08-14Upgrading to version 0.1.60frealgagu