AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2018-02-28Link libm and libz since they're requiredMatti Niemenmaa
2018-02-27Update URL to point to againMatti Niemenmaa
2018-02-27Remove explicit glibc dependencyMatti Niemenmaa
2018-02-27Check sse2/ssse3 from $CFLAGS instead of cpuinfoMatti Niemenmaa
2018-02-27Fix build for new MakefileMatti Niemenmaa
2016-08-08Patch Makefile to use 32-bit source on i686Matti Niemenmaa
2015-10-04Revert "Update URLs to point to"Matti Niemenmaa
This reverts commit 4701933890a89638e5702dec2de4cfbcb025903d. It's no longer openly accessible.
2015-09-05Update URLs to point to gitlab.kode54.netMatti Niemenmaa
Seems to get updates sooner.
2015-08-15Set -msse2/ssse3 when defining ARCH_MIN_SSE2/SSSE3Matti Niemenmaa
Required if -march is not set appropriately in makepkg.conf, as it isn't by default.
2015-08-15Fix typo in pkgdesc: Nintendo 64, not Nintendo DSMatti Niemenmaa
2015-07-14Link with -Bsymbolic to reduce symbol leak issuesMatti Niemenmaa
Plenty of internal symbols are exported, with rather generic names that can (and do) conflict with other libraries. So link with -Bsymbolic, which prevents overriding them with LD_PRELOAD but also prevents such conflicts from causing problems with functions here accidentally calling some other library's functions.
2015-07-14Initial commit: seems okayMatti Niemenmaa