AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-02-221.0.2klily wilson
2017-01-31update patchlily wilson
2016-10-21fix build errorlily wilson
2016-10-21fix copy+paste errorlily wilson
2016-10-21actually build 32-bit instead of 64-bit (oops!)lily wilson
2016-10-02update to 1.0.2jlily wilson
2016-10-02update to 1.0.2hlily wilson
2016-03-05updpkgsums and mksrcinfolily wilson
2016-03-05oops, that should be lib*32*, not liblily wilson
2016-03-05various PKGBUILD fixeslily wilson
2016-03-05updated patchlily wilson
2016-03-031.0.2glily wilson
2016-02-29fix build errorslily wilson
2016-02-29forgot that i have to change the patch filename in *two* places inlily wilson
2016-02-29new patch from cloudflarelily wilson
2016-02-011.0.2flily wilson
2015-12-04update to 1.0.2elily wilson
2015-11-30fix maintainer taglily wilson
2015-07-17update to 1.0.2dlily wilson
2015-06-20update to 1.0.2clily wilson
2015-06-11Initial importlily wilson