AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-06-16Add 'gpr' to the 'makedepends' array.Rod Kay
2023-06-11Use source tarballs from GitHub 'archlinux-gnatstudio-support'.Rod Kay
2023-06-09Update to version '24.0w'.Rod Kay
2022-11-16Update to version '23.0.0'.Rod Kay
2022-05-14Minor cosmetics.Rod Kay
2022-02-11Bump 'pkgrel' to use latest version of gnatcoll.Rod Kay
2022-02-07Update to version '22.0.0'.Rod Kay
2021-07-18Bump pkgrelXiretza
2021-07-18Fix quoting issuesXiretza
2021-07-18Fix python buildingXiretza
2021-07-18Build static librariesXiretza
2021-07-16Add back missing epochXiretza
2021-07-16Rid commented out old 'source' field.Rod Kay
2021-07-16Update to 2021 community release.Rod Kay
2021-06-22Remove redundant source generation scriptXiretza
2021-06-22Add missing makedependsXiretza
2021-06-22Bump pkgrel and update SRCINFO.Rod Kay
2021-06-22Install the developers manual.Rod Kay
2021-06-22Rid empty prepare().Rod Kay
2021-06-22Minor formatting.Rod Kay
2021-06-22Rid redundant gnatcoll-core dependency.Rod Kay
2021-06-22Install the licenses.Rod Kay
2021-06-22Correct email contact.Rod Kay
2021-05-29pkgrel bump for GCC 11Xiretza
2021-05-29Update .SRCINFOXiretza
2021-05-16Update to 21.0.0Xiretza
2020-12-22Revert addition of python2-virtualenv to 'depends' array.Rod Kay
2020-12-21Add python2-virtualenv dependency.Rod Kay
2020-05-23Update to 2020 releaseXiretza
2020-02-23Update source URL'sRod Kay
2019-06-24Add missing python binding.Rod Kay
2019-06-23Add python2-funcy as a dependency.Rod Kay
2019-06-23Add gnatcoll.gmp as a dependency.Rod Kay
2019-06-23Update to 2019Rod Kay
2018-09-30Force use of GCC rather than ClangRod Kay
2018-09-14Add Maintainer tagRod Kay
2018-09-12Improve PKGBUILDRod Kay
2018-09-08Add gnatcoll-iconv into dependsRod Kay
2018-09-07Update to 2018Rod Kay
2017-07-06Bump package version to force update to gcc7Rod Kay
2017-06-15TidyRod Kay
2017-06-15Explicitly use python2Rod Kay
2017-06-15Revert to python2-funcyRod Kay
2017-06-15Use python-funcyRod Kay
2017-06-15Add python2-funcy to depends fieldRod Kay
2017-06-15Force python2 usage in package()Rod Kay
2017-06-14Add python2-funcy as a makedependsRod Kay
2017-06-14Fix patchRod Kay
2017-06-14Use gpl17 sourcesRod Kay
2017-06-09Add python2-funcy as a make dependencyRod Kay