AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-12-15Updated to 3.2.0Federico Di Pierro
2018-11-23Updated to 3.1.1Federico Di Pierro
2018-11-15Updated to 3.1.0.Federico Di Pierro
2018-11-02Updated to 3.0.1Federico Di Pierro
2018-11-01Updated to 3.0.0Federico Di Pierro
2018-08-05Updated to 2.1.1.Federico Di Pierro
2018-08-05Updated to 2.1.0.Federico Di Pierro
2018-06-24Updated to 2.0.0Federico Di Pierro
2018-05-01Updated pkgbuild with sha256sum.Federico Di Pierro
2018-05-01Uploaded libmodule 1.0.0 to aur.Federico Di Pierro