AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-03-11Bump pkgverNoel Kuntze
2018-11-29Bump pkgver to 20181124Noel Kuntze
2017-02-23Fix maintainerNoel Kuntze
2017-02-23Bump to 20170222, secondary changesNoel Kuntze
Bump to 20170222, enable verification of the signature, use release archive, correctly quote strings with variables, use ${var}
2016-01-24PKGBUILD, .SRCINFO: Bump to 20160123Thermi
2016-01-08.SRCINFO: Bump.Thermi
2016-01-08libqcow: Upgrade to 20160108Thermi
2015-12-19libqcow: Bump to PKGVER 20151219Thermi
2015-02-07libqcow: Added working PKGBUILDThermi
2015-02-07libqcow: Added libqcow package buildThermi