AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-09-26bumped to 7.4.1JYPDWhite
2022-03-01bumbed to version 7.3.0JYPDWhite
2021-11-05update to 7.2.2JYPDWhite
2021-10-05Bumped to version 7.2.1JYPDWhite
2021-06-24bumped to 7.1.4JYPDWhite
2021-06-07removed debug linesJYPDWhite
2021-06-07added debug infosJYPDWhite
2021-06-07added debug infosJYPDWhite
2021-06-07added debug infosJYPDWhite
2021-06-07bumped pkgrelJYPDWhite
2021-06-07added provides and conflicts infosJYPDWhite
2021-05-20Bumped version to 7.1.3JYPDWhite
2021-04-21Adding debug messages to pin point errorJYPDWhite
2021-04-21Adding debug messages to pin point errorJYPDWhite
2021-04-08bumped version to 7.1.2JYPDWhite
2021-04-08bumped version to 7.1.2JYPDWhite
2021-03-03createt source info with the command makepkg --printsrcinfo > .SRCINFOJYPDWhite
2021-03-03updates SRCINFO fileJYPDWhite
2021-03-03bumped to current version numberJYPDWhite
2020-08-10Updated: 7.0.0GoliathLabs
2020-07-12Updated: PKGBUILDGoliathLabs
2020-07-04Updated: 6.4.5GoliathLabs
2020-06-01Updated: 6.4.4GoliathLabs
2020-04-19Updated: 6.4.3GoliathLabs
2020-04-01Updated: 6.4.2 releasedGoliathLabs
2020-01-12Updated to 6.4.3Felix Golatofski
2018-05-09updated to upstream 6.0.4fademind
2018-04-05Updated to upstream 6.0.3fademind
2018-03-28Check for new LO releases cmdfademind
2018-03-01Updated to upstream 6.0.2fademind
2018-02-26Updated to upstream 6.0.1fademind
2017-02-01Updated to upstream 5.3.0Mark Lee
2016-11-06update to upstream 5.2.3Mark Lee
2016-09-08updated to upstream 5.2.1Mark Lee
2016-08-03Updated to upstream 5.2.0Mark Lee
2016-05-13Updated to upstream 5.1.3Mark Lee
2016-04-09Updated to upstream 5.1.2Mark Lee
2016-03-12Updated to upstream 5.1.1Mark Lee
2016-02-10Updated to upstream 5.1.0Mark Lee
2015-12-17Updated to upstream 5.0.4Mark Lee
2015-11-04Updated to upstream 5.0.3Mark Lee
2015-09-24updated to upstream 5.0.2Mark Lee
2015-08-28Updated to upstream 5.0.1Mark Lee
2015-08-05forgot to add commit .SRCINFOMark Lee
2015-08-05update to upstream 5.0.0Mark Lee
2015-07-01Initial importMark Lee