AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-12-19Update versionChristoph Gysin
2021-12-19Add target for armv6hChristoph Gysin
2021-10-08Add target for armv7hChristoph Gysin
2021-10-05Build only default featuresChristoph Gysin
2021-10-05Add prepare() to fetch dependenciesChristoph Gysin
2021-10-02Build all featuresChristoph Gysin
2021-08-03Add user service fileChristoph Gysin
Thanks to Hugo Osvaldo Barrera
2018-02-22switch upstream to librespot-orgChristoph Gysin
2018-01-26add arch aarch64Christoph Gysin
Thanks to @aerosq
2017-12-05add arch armv6hChristoph Gysin
2017-10-14update packageChristoph Gysin
2017-10-14remove protobuf dependencyChristoph Gysin
2017-10-14add LICENSEChristoph Gysin
2017-09-23bump pkgrelChristoph Gysin
2017-09-23remove cargo dependencyChristoph Gysin
2017-09-23add arch armv7hChristoph Gysin
2017-09-23make rust makedepend onlyChristoph Gysin
2017-09-23remove unused configChristoph Gysin
2017-09-23add missing dependecies to alsa-lib and libvorbisChristoph Gysin
2017-09-23remove portaudio dependencyChristoph Gysin
2017-09-15makedepends: add gitChristoph Gysin
2017-08-16use provided librespot.serviceChristoph Gysin
2017-03-19add config to backupChristoph Gysin
2017-01-24add portaudio makedepChristoph Gysin
2016-09-07fix variable style/quotingChristoph Gysin
2016-09-07auto-restart service, move to sha256sumsChristoph Gysin
2016-09-05initial commitChristoph Gysin