AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2 dayspatches updatedptr1337
5 days5.12.10ptr1337
8 daysminor changesptr1337
8 daysminor changesptr1337
9 daysminor changesptr1337
9 dayssome changesptr1337
12 days5.12.9ptr1337
2021-05-28bfq and cacule patchptr1337
2021-05-285.12.8 and minor changesptr1337
2021-05-27changed some pkgbuild options and config updatedptr1337
2021-05-23reverted localmod rdb with autogroup enabled - missed .SRCINFOptr1337
2021-05-23reverted localmod rdb with autogroup enabledptr1337
2021-05-225.12.6 and new patchesptr1337
2021-05-20patches updated, config updatedptr1337
2021-05-20config changes due rdbptr1337
2021-05-19rdb updateptr1337
2021-05-18rdb-testing patches, other patches updated, config updatedptr1337
2021-05-15rdb patch updated, kernel pdated, fixed some valuesptr1337
2021-05-08vhba driver added, wineesync added, zstd patch updated kernel updateptr1337
2021-05-045.12.1, caculepatches updatedptr1337
2021-05-01updated cacule patch, config changesptr1337
2021-05-01updated cacule patch, enabled autogroup, removed mm-patchesptr1337
2021-04-27wrong futex2 patchptr1337
2021-04-27patches updated and some addedptr1337
2021-04-27config synced with archptr1337
2021-04-27config updateptr1337
2021-04-21kernel 5.11.16, btrfs patch added, fixed docker bugptr1337
2021-04-18pkgbuild updatedptr1337
2021-04-18lowlatency config settingsptr1337
2021-04-17added some patches and some other thingsptr1337
2021-04-17added some patches and some other thingsptr1337
2021-04-17arch patches removedptr1337
2021-04-17arch patches addedptr1337
2021-04-16fsync,wineesync patches added, config updatedptr1337
2021-04-16missed some config optionsptr1337
2021-04-165.11.15, config update, cacule_configptr1337
2021-04-165.11.15, config update, cacule_config updatedptr1337
2021-04-14first pushptr1337