AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-12-26Update to 5.15.11Antoine Viallon
2021-11-05Update .SRCINFOAntoine Viallon
2021-10-31Update to 5.14.15 (2/2) + update PKGBUILD.includeAntoine Viallon
2021-10-31Added patch to automatically patch newer upstream kernel PKGBUILDAntoine Viallon
2021-10-31Update to 5.14.15 (1/2)Antoine Viallon
2021-08-18Update to 5.13.10Antoine Viallon
2021-06-09Update to 5.12.9Antoine Viallon
2021-06-09Update gitignoreAntoine Viallon
2021-06-09Update to 5.12.1, rework how PKGBUILD is doneAntoine Viallon
2021-03-20Update to 5.11.7Antoine Viallon
2021-03-11Update to 5.11Antoine Viallon
2020-12-05Forgot .SRCINFOAntoine Viallon
2020-12-05Bump to 5.9.11Antoine Viallon
2020-11-08Update to 5.9.6Antoine Viallon
2020-10-20Initial commitAntoine Viallon