AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-01-28updated srcinfoIzenn
2024-01-28update .config with new 6.8-rc1 optionsIzenn
2023-09-29Update for 6.6 RC3, fix cleanupChristopher Snowhill
2023-08-31Regenerate .SRCINFO, fix config sumChristopher Snowhill
2023-08-31Remove unused patchesChristopher Snowhill
2023-08-31Synchronize with linux-drm-next-git and 6.5Christopher Snowhill
2023-08-31Add link for Github repositoryChristopher Snowhill
2023-08-31Update maintainer headerChristopher Snowhill
2023-07-29Update version, shuffle patchesChristopher Snowhill
2023-07-04Update package versionChristopher Snowhill
2023-07-04Update config to linux 6.4.1-arch2Christopher Snowhill
2023-07-02Oops, forgot the .SRCINFOChristopher Snowhill
2023-07-02Update config to Arch kernel 6.4 base configChristopher Snowhill
2023-07-02Add uAPI patch not yet merged into the treeChristopher Snowhill
2023-07-02Update project URL to GitlabChristopher Snowhill
2023-06-03Switch to default arch 6.3 config and patchChristopher Snowhill
2023-06-01Update to remove upstreaming patchChristopher Snowhill
2023-05-26update to remove merged patchesChristopher Snowhill
2023-05-24Update againChristopher Snowhill
2023-05-24Rebase patchesChristopher Snowhill
2023-05-09Oops, update config hashChristopher Snowhill
2023-05-09Add new config optionChristopher Snowhill
2023-05-08Initial commitChristopher Snowhill