AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-12-22Disable Comedianthraxx
Big driver set in staging of little use.
2020-12-22Disable I3C, SPMI and HSIanthraxx
Seems to be restricted to embedded stuff with integrated modems.
2020-12-22Disable OpenFirmware supportanthraxx
This is a big chunk of drivers that doesn't seem to be useful to us.
2020-12-22Pick some configuration options from Fedora's default kernelanthraxx
- Unset GART_IOMMU: Old IOMMU code, should be unused. - Unset MICROCODE_OLD_INTERFACE: Option help emphatically asks not to set this. - Unset ARCH_MEMORY_PROBE: Manual memory hot-plug should be unused. - Unset USB_DYNAMIC_MINORS: We had this set forever, but it doesn't actually seem to be needed. - Unset NTFS_FS: Please use ntfs-3g.
2020-12-22FS#68978 Enable SoundWire machine driveranthraxx
2020-12-21upgpkg: linux-hardened-git 5.10.0.r968847.g03e49cfe857e-1anthraxx
upstream release
2020-12-21upgpkg: linux-hardened-git 5.10.0.r968847.g03e49cfe857e-1: remove old patchesanthraxx
upstream release
2020-11-05mac80211: fix regression where EAPOL frames were sent in plaintextanthraxx
2020-11-05update kconfig to 5.9.6anthraxx
2020-10-16upgpkg: linux-hardened-git 5.9.0.r951378.gc6912d6f0091-1anthraxx
upstream release
2020-09-27upgpkg: linux-hardened-git 5.9.0rc6.r950632.gb21987ef92b8-1anthraxx
2020-09-04update Kconfiganthraxx
2020-09-04upgpkg: linux-hardened-git 5.8.0.r935313.gaa4a248a32a4-1anthraxx
upstream release
2020-04-08add patch for sphinx >=3anthraxx
2020-04-07upgpkg: linux-hardened-git 5.6.2.r902727.ga28803964450-2: enable lockdown lsmanthraxx
2020-04-01upgpkg: linux-hardened-git 5.6.0rc7.r902357.gb4ad81bb3992-1: config updateanthraxx
2020-03-28upgpkg: linux-hardened-git 5.6.0rc7.r902357.gb4ad81bb3992-1anthraxx
upstream release
2020-03-11upgpkg: linux-hardened-git 5.5.0.r889001.gb5d24fe9e7cf-1anthraxx
upstream release
2019-11-23upgpkg: 5.4.0rc8.r873393.g33c8300eac3b-1: remove vmlinuz, update configanthraxx
2019-11-04upgpkg: linux-hardened-git 5.4.0rc5anthraxx
2019-11-03upgpkg: linux-hardened-git sync with latest non-git pkgbuild changesanthraxx
2019-10-18update PKGBUILD to match upstream changes for initcpio etcanthraxx
2019-10-08fix config checksumanthraxx
2019-10-03update config to latest 5.3anthraxx
2019-10-03addpkg: linux-hardened-git 5.3.0.r857780.g1317ca6048b5-1anthraxx