AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2022-06-07upgpkg: linux-hardened-git 5.18.r1090806.g698b6db568ac-1Levente Polyak
upstream release
2022-05-12upgpkg: linux-hardened-git 5.17.7.r1076846.g16074dafd33b-1Levente Polyak
upstream release
2022-04-30upgpkg: linux-hardened-git 5.17.5.r1076480.g15066880c14f-1Levente Polyak
upstream release
2022-03-25update config for 5.16.17Levente Polyak
2022-03-25upgpkg: linux-hardened-git 5.16.17.r1062918.g56437fabf509-1Levente Polyak
upstream release
2021-09-15upgpkg: linux-hardened-git 5.15rc1.r1042776.g76ae1c63f2a4-1anthraxx
upstream release
2021-09-15config: enable +CONFIG_EDAC_IGEN6 and disable CONFIG_WATCHDOG_HRTIMER_PRETIMEOUTanthraxx
2021-09-15upgpkg: linux-hardened-git 5.14.r1031552.ge3bb405d9143-1anthraxx
upstream release
2021-05-14sync config with stable treeanthraxx
2021-02-24upgpkg: linux-hardened-git 5.11.0..r984326.g14663342e512-1anthraxx
upstream release
2021-01-24upgpkg: linux-hardened-git 5.10.4.r969629.gfa0b6a5c799c-1: disable BPF preloadanthraxx
requires debug info we would not like to include
2020-12-23upgpkg: linux-hardened-git 5.10.0.r968851.g1a36abfd6b77-1anthraxx
2020-12-23Disable CONFIG_EXPERTanthraxx
Everything we need in hardened is not hidden behind EXPERT anymore.
2020-12-22Disable most of MTDanthraxx
Besides some support for directly flashing BIOS chips which is marked as DANGEROUS, these seem only useful on embedded devices. Only leave the simulator and the MTD-on-block emulator.
2020-12-22Disable SFIanthraxx
Only used on some exotic Intel smartphone platforms without ACPI.
2020-12-22Disable autosleep and wakelocksanthraxx
Not useful without appropriate userspace, like Android.
2020-12-22Disable PCI endpoint supportanthraxx
We're only running on host devices.
2020-12-22Disable CAIFanthraxx
Seems to be for ST-Ericsson embedded modems.
2020-12-22Disable VME and RapidIOanthraxx
Seems to be exotic, industrial hardware.
2020-12-22Disable USB gadget supportanthraxx
We're only running on host devices.
2020-12-22Disable SDR and test media driversanthraxx
Using the device type filter menu.
2020-12-22Disable Comedianthraxx
Big driver set in staging of little use.
2020-12-22Disable I3C, SPMI and HSIanthraxx
Seems to be restricted to embedded stuff with integrated modems.
2020-12-22Disable OpenFirmware supportanthraxx
This is a big chunk of drivers that doesn't seem to be useful to us.
2020-12-22Pick some configuration options from Fedora's default kernelanthraxx
- Unset GART_IOMMU: Old IOMMU code, should be unused. - Unset MICROCODE_OLD_INTERFACE: Option help emphatically asks not to set this. - Unset ARCH_MEMORY_PROBE: Manual memory hot-plug should be unused. - Unset USB_DYNAMIC_MINORS: We had this set forever, but it doesn't actually seem to be needed. - Unset NTFS_FS: Please use ntfs-3g.
2020-12-22FS#68978 Enable SoundWire machine driveranthraxx
2020-12-21upgpkg: linux-hardened-git 5.10.0.r968847.g03e49cfe857e-1anthraxx
upstream release
2020-12-21upgpkg: linux-hardened-git 5.10.0.r968847.g03e49cfe857e-1: remove old patchesanthraxx
upstream release
2020-11-05mac80211: fix regression where EAPOL frames were sent in plaintextanthraxx
2020-11-05update kconfig to 5.9.6anthraxx
2020-10-16upgpkg: linux-hardened-git 5.9.0.r951378.gc6912d6f0091-1anthraxx
upstream release
2020-09-27upgpkg: linux-hardened-git 5.9.0rc6.r950632.gb21987ef92b8-1anthraxx
2020-09-04update Kconfiganthraxx
2020-09-04upgpkg: linux-hardened-git 5.8.0.r935313.gaa4a248a32a4-1anthraxx
upstream release
2020-04-08add patch for sphinx >=3anthraxx
2020-04-07upgpkg: linux-hardened-git 5.6.2.r902727.ga28803964450-2: enable lockdown lsmanthraxx
2020-04-01upgpkg: linux-hardened-git 5.6.0rc7.r902357.gb4ad81bb3992-1: config updateanthraxx
2020-03-28upgpkg: linux-hardened-git 5.6.0rc7.r902357.gb4ad81bb3992-1anthraxx
upstream release
2020-03-11upgpkg: linux-hardened-git 5.5.0.r889001.gb5d24fe9e7cf-1anthraxx
upstream release
2019-11-23upgpkg: 5.4.0rc8.r873393.g33c8300eac3b-1: remove vmlinuz, update configanthraxx
2019-11-04upgpkg: linux-hardened-git 5.4.0rc5anthraxx
2019-11-03upgpkg: linux-hardened-git sync with latest non-git pkgbuild changesanthraxx
2019-10-18update PKGBUILD to match upstream changes for initcpio etcanthraxx
2019-10-08fix config checksumanthraxx
2019-10-03update config to latest 5.3anthraxx
2019-10-03addpkg: linux-hardened-git 5.3.0.r857780.g1317ca6048b5-1anthraxx