AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-02-15fix preset file bugQin Yuhao
2017-02-15upgrade to 4.4.48-1Qin Yuhao
2017-01-27upgrade to 4.4.45-1Qin Yuhao
2017-01-16upgrade to 4.4.43-1Qin Yuhao
2016-12-10upgrade to 4.4.37-1Qin Yuhao
2016-11-19upgrade to 4.4.31-1Qin Yuhao
2016-11-06upgrade to 4.4.30Qin Yuhao
2016-10-29upgrade to 4.4.28Qin Yuhao
2016-10-25upgrade to 4.4.27Qin Yuhao
2016-10-22upgrade to 4.4.26-1Qin Yuhao
2016-09-19upgrade to 4.4.21Qin Yuhao
2016-09-12upgrade to 4.4.20Qin Yuhao
2016-09-03upgrade to 4.4.19Qin Yuhao
2016-06-09upgrade to 4.4.13Qin Yuhao
2016-06-02upgrade to 4.4.12Qin Yuhao
2016-05-29Revert "package should not be in a group"Qin Yuhao
2016-05-29package should not be in a groupQin Yuhao
2016-05-29Revert "should not be in a group"Qin Yuhao
2016-05-29should not be in a groupQin Yuhao
2016-05-29Initial commitQin Yuhao