AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-09-10test: LTS 5.4.62, fix muqss missing uclamp_is_usedshmilee
2020-09-05test: LTS 5.4.62shmilee
2020-08-24test: LTS 5.4.60shmilee
2020-08-10test: LTS 5.4.57shmilee
2020-07-03update to LTS 5.4.50-2, fix sleep suspend problemshmilee
2020-07-02update to LTS 5.4.50shmilee
2020-06-01update to LTS 5.4.43, fix early boot crash on gcc-10shmilee
2020-05-05update to LTS 5.4.36shmilee
2020-04-29rebuild by gcc 9.3.0-1;add sphinx-workaround.patchshmilee
2020-03-16update to LTS 5.4.25shmilee
2020-01-02update to LTS/stable 5.4.6shmilee
2019-10-30update to LTS 4.19.81shmilee
2019-09-20reinstate legacy-wireless-ioctlsshmilee
2019-08-08update to LTS 4.19.64shmilee
2019-06-11update SRCINFOshmilee
2019-06-11update to LTS 4.19.49shmilee
2019-04-23fix kernel Documentation build error with sphinx2shmilee
2019-04-22update to LTS 4.19.36shmilee
2019-02-23update to LTS 4.19.25shmilee
2019-02-10update to 4.19.20, fix CPUACCT missing in dockershmilee
2018-12-23update to LTS/stable 4.19.12shmilee
2018-11-13update to LTS 4.9.136shmilee
2018-09-08add .gitignoreshmilee
2018-09-08update to LTS 4.9.125shmilee
2018-09-08LTS 4.4.144shmilee
2018-09-08init LTS 4.4.136shmilee