AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2017-07-15Backport guid change to resolve build errors.Chad Voegele
2017-07-15Revert "Update battery patch to latest."Chad Voegele
This reverts commit 5fec7b57581faaaf5e00b0df24d6479d0a9b08a3.
2017-07-15Revert "Update surface3-power kernel config."Chad Voegele
This reverts commit 30bd022cd62a1db3beb12c1057cd5636b6c69bc0.
2017-07-12Update surface3-power kernel config.Chad Voegele
2017-07-10Update battery patch to latest.Chad Voegele
Source: Bugzilla: Also, remove Documentation/DocBook
2017-03-26Remove mwifiex patch.Chad Voegele
2017-02-03Update mwifiex*.patch checksum.Chad Voegele
2017-01-06Add patch for mwifiex to improve stability.Chad Voegele
2017-01-04Initial upload.Chad Voegele