AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-01-15Update to 5.10.7.arch1Katelyn Schiesser
2021-01-10Update to 5.10.6.arch1Katelyn Schiesser
2021-01-06Update to 5.10.4.arch2Katelyn Schiesser
2020-12-31Update to 5.10.3.arch1Katelyn Schiesser
2020-12-30basic 5.10.x changes at 5.10.2-testKatelyn Schiesser
2020-12-14Update to 5.9.14.arch1Katelyn Schiesser
2020-12-09Update to 5.9.13.arch1Katelyn Schiesser
2020-12-07Update to 5.9.12.arch1Katelyn Schiesser
2020-11-30Update to 5.9.11.arch2Katelyn Schiesser
2020-11-25Update to 5.9.10.arch1Katelyn Schiesser
2020-11-21Update to 5.9.9.arch1Katelyn Schiesser
2020-11-11Update to 5.9.8.arch1Katelyn Schiesser
2020-11-09Update to 5.9.6.arch1Katelyn Schiesser
2020-11-05Update to 5.9.4.arch1Katelyn Schiesser
2020-11-05Update to 5.9.3.arch1Katelyn Schiesser
2020-10-18Update to 5.9.1.arch1Katelyn Schiesser
2020-10-03Update to 5.8.13.arch1Katelyn Schiesser
2020-09-27Update to 5.8.12.arch1Katelyn Schiesser
2020-09-24Update to 5.8.10.arch1Katelyn Schiesser
2020-09-16Update to 5.8.9.arch2Katelyn Schiesser
2020-09-11Update to 5.8.8.arch1Katelyn Schiesser
2020-09-07Update to 5.8.7.arch1Katelyn Schiesser
2020-08-28Update to 5.8.5.arch1Katelyn Schiesser
2020-08-24Update to 5.8.3.arch1Katelyn Schiesser
2020-08-21Update to 5.8.2.arch1Katelyn Schiesser
2020-08-15Update to 5.8.1.arch1Katelyn Schiesser
2020-08-04Update to 5.7.12.arch1Katelyn Schiesser
2020-07-31Update to 5.7.11.arch1Katelyn Schiesser
2020-07-25Update to 5.7.10.arch1Katelyn Schiesser
2020-07-19Update to 5.7.9.arch1Katelyn Schiesser
2020-07-14Update to 5.7.8.arch1Katelyn Schiesser
2020-07-03Update to 5.7.7.arch1Katelyn Schiesser
2020-06-26Update to 5.7.6.arch1Katelyn Schiesser
2020-06-25Update to 5.7.5.arch1Katelyn Schiesser
2020-06-23Update to 5.7.4.arch1Katelyn Schiesser
2020-06-13update gitignore to include .zst packagesKatelyn Schiesser
2020-06-13Update to 5.7.2.arch1Katelyn Schiesser
2020-06-09Update to 5.6.15.arch1Katelyn Schiesser
2020-05-06Revision to 5.6.10.arch1-1Mark Weiman
The previous commit seemed to have issues building in a clean chroot. This commit takes on the exact patch used in the linux package as well as remakes the add-acs-overrides.patch file to a form usable by `git am` as was done in previous iterations of this patch.
2020-05-05Update to 5.6.10.arch1Katelyn Schiesser
2020-04-30Update to 5.6.8.arch1Katelyn Schiesser
2020-04-24Update to 5.6.7.arch1Katelyn Schiesser
2020-04-24Update to 5.6.6.arch1-1Mark Weiman
2020-04-17Update to 5.6.4.arch1Katelyn Schiesser
2020-04-09Update to 5.6.3.arch1Katelyn Schiesser
2020-04-06Update to 5.6.2-arch1! :tada:Katelyn Schiesser
2020-04-04Update to 5.5.13.arch2 vfio rev 2: update config to match upstreamKatelyn Schiesser
2020-04-02Update to 5.5.13.arch2-1Mark Weiman
2020-03-27Update to 5.5.13.arch1-1Katelyn Schiesser
2020-03-19Update to 5.5.10.arch1-1Katelyn Schiesser